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Established in Malmö in 2006, Svensson strives to create high quality and well-designed products,
each of which is lovingly crafted in Southern Europe. Inspired by urban life & contemporary culture,
our collections embody a confident and effortless Nordic design that consists of seasonal styles and
a modern take on classics.


The Svensson brand started life running basement clubs in the late 90’s in Möllevången, the
bohemian parts of Malmö, Sweden.
 During the daylight hours we began harnassing our collective
creative talents and started to take on small photographic, journalistic and graphic design projects. 
In 2002 we launched our first copy of the then cutting edge Svensson Magazine. A mix of
underground media, fashion, art and music.
The first Svensson shop which was a creative studio, gallery and boutique opened in 2005.
That same year we developed our first pair of Svensson Jeans.

You can view more from our history on the SvenssonArchive.